Taechyon Robotics Begins Series A Raise for Septaer, Leveraging the new 2019 IRS Economic Development Zones

July 4th, 2019

Palo Alto, California-To Commemorate American Independence Day, Taechyon Robotics Corporation has announced today that they are opening their Series A round to begin Manufacturing their AI Smart Speaker Display, Septaer. Septaer has a 360 degree wrap around screen and is topped with a 360 degree video camera for whole room video conferencing.

“We have the best looking and feature rich smart speaker out there, and we are ready to start manufacturing” said Steve Favis, CEO of Taechyon Robotics Corporation.

Steve Founded Taechyon Robotics Corporation in late 2016 with bootstrap funding raised a $1 million dollar seed round in mid 2017 after patents were filed in speech technology and a social robots.

According to Steve, Taechyon has finished most of their export control licensing and is currently making final board refinements for international delivery.

“The trade war really goofed things up. We had to find domestic suppliers and investors from copper to manufacturing. I guess in the big picture it maybe for the better. Sadly our domestic manufacturing capabilities in America have tragically been exported in the last 20+ years along with some very important technology know-how.” said Steve.

Taechyon Robotics Corporation will be leveraging the new IRS Economic Development Zones that have been announced for 2019.

“The new IRS economic Development Zones pretty much give investors 7 years tax free on capital gains. For manufacturing that is ridiculously lucrative. Anyone with capital for investing that invests outside of these zones from 2019 onward I wouldn’t consider a capable financial manager. They would be foolish to not take advantage of them.”

Steve went continued “These Zones are a game changer for nearly everything in finance and entrepreneurship and we plan on taking full advantage of them.”

For more Information on Taechyon Robotics Corporation, Please visit https://Taechyon.com

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